Benefits for token holders

LFW token holders are able to join a series of IDO and INO on our launchpad, receive remarkable airdrops including tokens and NFTs from our partners, and share profits from transaction fees of trading activities.
All these benefits are made possible thanks to our to-be-launched leading universal Decentralized Exchange (named Linked Finance World) which would drive massive adoptions in GameFi, Metaverse and many other blockchain technology projects.
As Linked Finance World’s official launch is upon us, lots of benefits will be brought to LFW token holders in our lucrative ecosystem including Blockchain game infrastructure, DeFi infrastructure for gaming as well as metaverse applications. The technology will then be provided to game publishers around the world as Application Programming Interface (API).
Staking and farming pools with appealing ROI will be open to attract more LPs to our ecosystem. To accelerate the token performance, we will relentlessly buy back and burn LFW tokens until achieving 100M LFW as total supply in the year of 2023. So you’d better be ready!
What is more, we are eager to disclose that our next massive expansion includes a refined DeFi Center which is a leverage for multiple projects in the future. LFW will reap greater benefits from our ecosystem as mentioned above.

Linked Finance World’s highlight features:

  • IDO & INO: Beneficial for LFW Token Holders and Liquidity Providers.
  • Decentralized Exchange: developed by Senior Scientists, capable of supporting multiple chains and delivering our bridge. This will be a rival to Pancakeswap (BSC network), Uniswap (ETH network), TraderJoe (AVAX network), GALA and other established DEX-es.
  • LFW Vaults: transaction fee from the swap, NFT marketplace expected to have an airdrop for LFW Token holders.
  • Cross Chain: set with a single goal of creating and providing abundant liquidity, NFTs and user base from across networks.
  • Governance: token holders have the power to influence project directions.
  • Asset Management: a unique place to manage your assets, and optimize your profits.
  • NFT Marketplace: offering various incredible features including minting, exchanging, collecting and staking. Note that, NFT staking is a groundbreaking feature.
  • Much more game projects are on their way this year, with one of them being released in May. We have been inviting various studios to join us as well as sponsoring potential games and projects to develop and blockchainize games. No private sales, no selling pressure, no worry, stay calm and enjoy the game!

Why is the Linked Finance World important?

The blockchain gaming business has witnessed a successful year. Moving from pay-to-play to pay-to-own is proven to be promising and the waves of investors have already been anticipating it. By means of illustration, Forte has raised nearly $1B while Animoca Brand achieved more than $500M. Moreover, the market cap of a project named GALA games skyrocketed from $10M to $5B (a 500-fold growth) within 4 months while PLA project got a market cap as hefty as $250M when they published two blockchain games.
With such striking examples of how significant a crypto project can be, we are inclined to believe that we can just go as big as they do, or even bigger!
To share the vision, we are preparing for the big future of blockchain projects as we are going to launch a leading universal Decentralized Exchange which drives massive adoptions in GameFi, Metaverse and many other blockchain technology projects. ​​In comparison to other projects, we will support a variety of chains, including BSC, ETH, Avalanche, HECO, and Polygon.

Who supports Linked Finance World?

  • Polygon granted us for initial development (the fund was successfully claimed).
  • HECO chain selects LFW Project to be a Review Committee Member for gaming and Metaverse projects.
  • Spark DC collaborates with us to incubate and finance blockchain startups.
  • GGG and DAO LAUNCH collaborate with us to facilitate community development in the SEA region as well as incubate blockchain startups.
  • Information about the support from other chains, Venture Capitals and Partners will be updated.
  • Fantasy Legend LLC’s Blockable: collaborating with Venture Capitals and project leaders to acquire and introduce blockchain projects to LFW’s ecosystem.
  • Fantasy Legend LLC’s Research Lab: backed by renowned and experienced doctorates and experts who aim to design a remarkable ecosystem and tokenomics for our projects, guaranteeing a sustainable growth.