Linked Finance World (LFW) is a leading Universal Decentralized Exchange to accelerate massive adoption in GameFi, Metaverse, and DeFi from both Users and Publishers. Our platform is designed with publishers and users intertwined in mind, allowing them to make sure they can safely relate their profit-making activities to the actions of professional, experienced, and highly-rated traders with proven investment strategies.
In this article, we present the advantages of the LFW platform for both the projects that are launching on the platform and especially our LFW Holders who are directly assisting those projects in their growth.

Publishers: Why launch an IDO on our LFW platform?.

Fast, cost-effective, and safe launching
With support for various chains and numerous partners, LFW enables top projects to begin in an interoperable, fast, inexpensive, and secured environment. Furthermore, projects can publish their tokens on our DEX platform, which offers benefits such as decreased trading fees, airdrop tokens, and the ability to transfer tokens between several chains.
A rigorous KYC procedure for project leaders demonstrates our commitment to providing a safe environment for both the community and our IDO projects. Projects may be confident that they are interacting with a community that has been well verified and is truly interested in the project’s success.
Access to community
Choosing LFW provides your project visibility and access to our community, allowing you to reach out to a large number of potential backers. Aside from its sheer size, our membership is dispersed across the globe - from Asia to the Americas - which is an important aspect of any successful crypto company.
In their efforts to advertise and disseminate the momentous news of their upcoming IDO, our initiatives are never alone. At LFW, we start generating buzz straight away and spread the news to our enormous audience.
Access to market
All IDO initiatives are also linked to one another, allowing for possible projects collaborations with mutual synergies. We are currently serving as incubators for Houbi, which has shown an increasing readiness to collaborate and exchange.
The LFW team and backers, composed of major organizations and essential stakeholders in the blockchain and digital assets industry, like Polygon, Houbi, Spark21, and others, have a second, equally vital function in providing each project with long-term support much beyond its IDO. Consider it a tremendous growth stimulant.

Users: Why participate in our LFW platform?

Highest quality IDO projects and a user-friendly UI/UX
The project IDO screening process ensures that only game-changing projects that are ready for growth can start fundraising pools on our platform, making sure that all of the projects are high-quality and trustworthy. We will lock the liquidity pools of these games so that no scam is possible!
Another standout element of LFW is the platform's smooth user experience. IDO participation is as simple as a stroll in the park, thanks to our whistle-clean design and user-first approach.
Lowest fee Decentralized Exchange with many benefits
Users can trade with new rewards in transactions using our DEX, which has the advantages of speed, affordability, quality, dependability, and safety in the DeFi space. LFW holders can also get an airdrop from the LFW treasury, which is funded by the DEX’s income.
Furthermore, our DEX is capable of supporting many chains while simultaneously delivering our bridge. This will be a competitor to other well-known DEX-es. LFW delivers higher throughput, cheaper and faster transactions by allowing swap tokens on one or more chains (with more on the way).
This year will see a slew of new game projects, the very first one will be published in April. We've invited a number of well-known studios to join us, as well as financing new games and projects to create and blockchainize. No private transactions, no pressure to sell, no worries; just relax and enjoy the games! Our self-developed APIs will accelerate the blockchainize process of projects.
Also, LFW holders are able to obtain airdrop token and NFTs from these games for free.
DeFi space
Marketplace, minting, swapping NFT, collecting, token/NFT staking, and more are just a few of the wonderful DeFi services we have to offer.
Users that play and participate in staking/farming pools receive a fair and promising number of tokens from the ecosystem. This will reward token holders during the early stages of the project's development when some key features are still being worked on.
LFW Holders will also be able to join our LFW metaverse, which is the decentralized infrastructure for the AR metaverse, merging the physical and virtual world through augmented reality. Stay tuned for our article about the LFW Metaverse.